Friday, October 27, 2017

2017 Tailgate & Reunion site

Tailgate location is Set...
The outfit is tailgating at the NE corner of the southside garage, which is next to the BQ drillfield... which is at the red circle in the map below.
And just for fun, check out this pic that '70 pissheads sent to me from the Arkansas Game weekend at the home of Walter P. "Buddy" Townsend in Fort Worth...
More updates on schedule will follow soon.  See ya'll there! Gig'em.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Quad is finished and 2017 Football season is here!

Howdy A-2 and A-Batt,
We are currently planning on Saturday, November 11th for the "2017 All A-2 Tailgate and Reunion".
Thankfully, the Quad is 100% back in action and looks amazing.  The Corps recently held a ceremony at Duncan to recognize this historic milestone, and I ran into 5 different classes of current and former A-2 cadets... Whoop!
Take a look at the pics below to see what the 2nd phase of the renovation looks like, and a pic of some "old A-2 Ags" in front of the refurbished Bugle Stand.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Football Tailgate another great gathering in Aggieland!

Many thanks to the current outfit for putting on another great event, with amazing chow once again!!! We got to meet some more new faces, and see some familiar ones as well, take a look at these pics, and click on this link to see the outfit pull-out the "All A-2 Hump-it"  and also this one after the game as all the tailgate materials made their way home.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Class of '70 reunion & new "old army" sign!

Some of the A-Battery Class of 1970 who entered Texas A&M as fish in the fall of 1966 held a "50 Year Reunion" and Arkansas game watch party at the home of Walter P. "Buddy" Townsend in Fort Worth on 24 September.  
In the first photo with the A Battery sign, from left to right:  Phillip Day, Bob Oswalt, Jerry Bramlett, George Nichols, Charles Prendergast, Sam Badger, John Townsend, Charles Blaylock, Jack Davis, Buddy Townsend.  NOTE:  Jerry Bramlett was 2D Brigade Commander '69-70.
Thanks to Charles Prendergast '70 for sending in these great pics.

In the second photo with the Bonfire replica, from left to right:  Jack Davis, Sam Badger, Charles Prendergast, George Nichols, Bob Oswalt, Buddy Townsend, Charles Blaylock, Phillip Day, Jerry Bramlett, John Townsend.
Also, check out this redass pic of the Renegade fish sign donated to the outfit by all of the classes from the A-2 Renegade years when we were in the Regiment. The outfit has proudly hung it in their newly renovated dorm... Good bull A-2!!!

Hope to see some of you A-2 and A-Batt fighters at the reunion soon. Until then, BTHO 'Bama!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The All A-2 Reunion is set for the 29th of October

Howdy A-2 and A-Batt,
We are still waiting on a game time, so stay tuned for more details for when the Outfit will fire up the pit. Here is a link to RSVP for the tailgate and order BBQ.

RSVP for Tailgate

Here is a link to the approximate area for the tailgate which should end up on the SW corner of the University Press Building

Tailgate Area

Remember that our reunion weekend is the same as the Rally to the Guidon weekend if you are also interested in that. If 40 or more former cadets from the same outfit sign up they will let them march in as their own block, in lieu of with a block of multiple class years.

The outfit forms up for each March-in near Dorm three.

Speaking of the Quad, check out these recent pics of the second phase of the Quad and dorm renovations of Dorms 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The 2016/17 football season is here!... and the Quad is back in action (mostly)

Howdy A-2 and A-Batt,
Check out the pairings of historic and new photos below, where you can see archived construction photos from one of the phases of original dorm/quad construction versus the newly re-built quad and completely remodeled dorms. It's pretty amazing. See if you can find the contractor's trucks sitting under the trees in one of the old pics.
My thanks to the current contractor, Spaw Glass Construction for taking the time to find just the right angle to recreate the photos... and an added little bit of A-2 trivia you should know... we actually have a former A-2 cadet working with them. I think they have a done a great job on breathing new life into the Quad that will have a tremendous positive effect for the Corps, for many, many years to come.

So check out the photos below, and for an added bonus, also check out the link below to the professional photography that has been taken.

Gig'em! and hope to see you at the annual Fall tailgate and reunion...
P.S. - you should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them...