Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Reunion Approaches!!!

Howdy A-2,
Saturday, November 19th will be here very soon, and we now know that the game is scheduled to start at 11 a.m., instead of the 2:30 p.m. start as previously advertised. No problem!
An email will be sent out to everyone with all the details, and if you did not get it, please email us to learn more. I attached a map below, of where we are hoping to be able to set up camp.
Hope to see you there!

On another note, we've made a few updates to our website, most notably we now have six different outfit logos from over the years...many thanks to everyone that helped with that (you know who you are...)
Additionally, we've received a few updates and corrections to the Outfit Lineage, so check out the link to that. Sorry about the poor resolution of the document... i'm still trying to figure out that issue with google docs.... suggestions welcomed.

In other news, we have received our first significant cache of information on the All Americans... many thanks to Mr. Leal. He now joins the ranks of Mr. Mariska, Mr. Strawther, Mr. Vokey, Mr. Gay, Mr. Winder, and Mr. Patterson as being major contributors to the initial information gathering campaign.
Our biggest gap in information right now is the late 60's and the early 70's, during the Artillery A-2 and then A-Batt years... any help with reconnecting with those cadets would be great. We also have no idea as to what their logo was, either.
Speaking of which, if you have any knowledge of any other logos not shown on the site currently, please let us know! And if you can help fill in the history of our company commanders, or guidon bearers, that would be great also.
That's it for now. Look forward to meeting many of you at the reunion that have written in over the last few months! Gig'em...

Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Tradition is Born...

Howdy Aggies!!!
Thanks for checking out our official outfit site on the web. It's not much, but it will have to do for now...
Please check out all the gadgets and connections at our site to learn more about the outfit, see some interesting videos, or find a link or two for other handy websites.

Our first ever all outfit reunion is coming up on November 19th, gameday, as our fight'n Texas Aggies take on the boys from Kansas. More details to follow on the reunion, but please spread the word. I know that all the young men and women in the current outfit would welcome the chance to meet some former cadets and hear some old army stories about our great company, and perhaps tell you a few new stories as well.

If you think you can make it to the reunion, you might want to check out the video that shows everyone learning the "All A-2 Hump-it" at the gathering we had during finals weekend, after a great baseball game between our men in maroon and the boys from Dallas Baptist... the Aggs won big that day, and to celebrate we tested out our new hump-it that's for all of us, regardless of when we were in the outfit. This certainly doesn't replace their current hump-it, nor could it ever replace any of ours... its just a little something for all of us to be able to make some noise together when we rally on game-day. I gave it the nickname "Alpha Two Eternal"... call it whatever you like... anyway, here's the words:

Prowess Bold
Twelve to Fight
All for One
Maroon and White!

Well that's all for right now. Much more to follow. Gig'em A-2.

PS- if you have any information such as a name and an email address for one of your buddies, we'd love to be able to add them to our company roll-call, so please pass along their contact information to our very own cadet association to: