Thursday, October 4, 2012

The 2012 "All A-2" Football Reunion is here!

Howdy A-2 and A-Batt!
Our 2nd annual reunion is right around the corner, and we are working with the BBQ chain to get ready for the event. Make sure you RSVP to the outfit to let them know you are attending, as well as any family members you intend to bring along. This is a family event!
The outfit is going to provide all of the burgers, dogs, buns, plates and fixn's for the gathering, and in return, we are asking for Former Cadets to contribute a $10 donation per plate, to help cover their cost, and raise a few dollars for the current outfit as well.

Please bring your own drinks, folding chairs, and any sweets you might care to share with everyone.

We will be grabbing our tailgate space at noon on Friday, if all goes well... and we'll have the banners up so that folks easily recognize us. If we end up grabbing another spot due to conflicts, we'll send out an email Friday night and post on the website to let folks know.

Here is the site we'll try to get... same as last year.
We'll send out more details as game day approaches. As of today the time of the game has not been announced. Regardless, we'll have folks out there in the morning, till the sun goes down, so come early, share in the camaraderie, and stay late. Gig'em!

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