Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Fall Tailgate

Howdy A-2 & A-Batt,
The outfit put together a great tailgate for everyone before the football game, and rolled-out their recently renovated BBQ rig to provide some great food for everyone.
We had former cadets from 10 different classes join in for the meal and reunion, and they presented the outfit with an old sign from the 80's that used to hang in Duncan before it was put in storage with all the others. The sign was purchased this summer at the Corps Auction with donations from all the classes of the A-2 Renegade years... back when the outfit was in the Regiment.
Many thanks to the outfit for rolling at the red carpet for everyone, and putting together such a great gathering. Check out the pictures from the day along with a few pictures of the Quad renovation.

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