Monday, October 17, 2016

Class of '70 reunion & new "old army" sign!

Some of the A-Battery Class of 1970 who entered Texas A&M as fish in the fall of 1966 held a "50 Year Reunion" and Arkansas game watch party at the home of Walter P. "Buddy" Townsend in Fort Worth on 24 September.  
In the first photo with the A Battery sign, from left to right:  Phillip Day, Bob Oswalt, Jerry Bramlett, George Nichols, Charles Prendergast, Sam Badger, John Townsend, Charles Blaylock, Jack Davis, Buddy Townsend.  NOTE:  Jerry Bramlett was 2D Brigade Commander '69-70.
Thanks to Charles Prendergast '70 for sending in these great pics.

In the second photo with the Bonfire replica, from left to right:  Jack Davis, Sam Badger, Charles Prendergast, George Nichols, Bob Oswalt, Buddy Townsend, Charles Blaylock, Phillip Day, Jerry Bramlett, John Townsend.
Also, check out this redass pic of the Renegade fish sign donated to the outfit by all of the classes from the A-2 Renegade years when we were in the Regiment. The outfit has proudly hung it in their newly renovated dorm... Good bull A-2!!!

Hope to see some of you A-2 and A-Batt fighters at the reunion soon. Until then, BTHO 'Bama!


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